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Free international calls and connectivity

You travel abroad? We help you to forget borders, limits and complexitiy. Conect.News gives you the cutting edge communication services no matter where you come from and where you are at the moment. Are you in Shanghai or New York? Are you in Mongolia or Ayers Rock? We get you covered.

International calls, chat, data, media for 0.-

Connectivity is a must. Connections, closeness across distances. Being close and at different places. This moves everyone. How is my family? Are friends and partners fine? Video calls unite families, business connections in real-time. All-in packages and free WiFi hotspots give us the feeling that it is free of charge. This is us at the moment. Today we are at the brink of having machines knowing from each other, controlling each other. An increasing number of people want to know if their home if fine, switch on their cars heating system online and much more. The worlds of M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, cars, grids. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the innovation step after IoT and it has already started, too. The basis of a connected world? Telecommunication networks. Mobile and fibre optic networks deliver the media at places we need them as families, singles, business people and enterprises. More and more services and machines depend on them as well. It is said: Connectivity is the gold, the oil of tomorrow.

International services - all inclusive and everywhere

Flat rates for making calls and for using the internet became the standard for cosmopolitans. WiFi hotspots in cities, hotels, restaurants an millions of places offer free access to the internet. Mobile networks allow literally everyone to stay online nearly everywhere. Your home? Online! Your pet? Online! Your car? Online! In addition to GSM (2G-3G-4G-4G) and WiFi networkd GPS, Glonass, Beidou & Co plus NFC ❯ (Bluetooth, RFID, etc), help that communication work everywhere. You use your phone to navigate yourself? Mobile networks and geo-location via satellites are your helper. You are sending parcels? Most of the shipments will get a NFC-tag. This is how real-time control works in our daily lives. Digital transformation is a political and industrial target. It is part of us and we are part of it. E-government is not very advanced yet but on the rise. Online-Shopping becomes a live experience because instant delivery services will bring you food, services. Prepaid payment allows everyone to stay online for making calls, using internet and social media, no matter if you are from abroad or have no regular bank account.

Rabates & all-inclusive packages for business customers & B2B

Enterprises usually cover their telecom and connectivty demands with local carriers and telcos. Larger corporations and structures are familiar with Unified Communications (UI) and Enterprise Mobility. Now you have voice-data-media services for people, services and machines in one contract. B2B is possible as well. Carrier like Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange, etc. offer OEM style local reseller MvNOs. Those allows non-telecom companies to offer telecom services under their brand-name. This business model however is rather limited and does not allow to really earn, it is limited to one network and is usually local only.

How to offer telephony, chat and internet?

Imagine you could offer mobile services like calls, internet, chat and more. I mean the entire package inclusive audio-video-calling, sharing moments, etc. It´s all in a single package, it´s like plug and play for your business. Rent-A-Telecom gives you exactly this. Four business packs help you to earn and act like a telecom. The STARTER pack for smaller businesses and newcomers includes 3x3 months hosting without the usual monthly fee. Now you can start quick while you have an existing audience and or user data base. You can create your own margins, wheather you wish to earn or save big. This is an exciting opportunity for known brands, online businesses, airlines, publishing houses, travel agencies, non-profit organizations and NGOs, literally anyone who wants to increase revenues and customer loyalty. This is always inclusive: Your mobile app for Android & iOS phones, web site, full shop function, CRM-modules. It´s all under your brand name, it´s all OEM. Users and customers can do the following: Making calls (audio & video, GSM & VoIP), chat, SMS, rent local numbers in real time, use all existing networks, don´t have to change a thing. Phone, mobile number and SIM card can stay as they are. You want more? Just ask them: Rent-A-Telecom-Info

International brands and services

There are many international providers offering always "better" rates, but only a few are there since long. Most of them are good or even great as a niche product. Or they are good in their country but not abroad. International connectivity is a field of confusion and - as you can see each year two or three times in the media, right before holiday seasons start - an evergreen. Even global player like vodafone play expensive despite the fact they could offer international Wow-tariffs in countries of their presence. We believe that an international product of relevance has to be attractive on a daily basis as well. We found the Nusch-App ❯.

Tariff comparisons & provider news

Conect.News/International ❯ Know what is going on in international connectivty and networks. Most information is ready for instant use and benefit.
Europe.Conect.News ❯ Compare rates in Europe, incl Skype, Whatsapp, Line, Facetime, Viber, Nusch & Co.

° Information about prices and rates: FREE calls include calls to mobile numbers, audio & video calls, messaging and sharing media. While on mobile data (2G-3G-4G-5G) data volume may be consumed. | INTERNET and MOBILE: You can call any phone number on this globe for less, no matter where you are. While on INTERNET you can make calls starting from 0.-. Best price MOBILE calls apply in case the internet is not available. | The latest and legally binding information on prices and conditions are available at the original suppliers. | All prices are in EUR/€ if not stated otherwise, include VAT and are subject to change. | Sources & credits: Last updated 2018-03